Monday, July 17, 2017

FLAC: Foo Fighters live in Washington 1996 - 1CD - June 1 - soundboard

Foo Fighters
Saturday June 1, 1996
The 1996 'HFStival
Robert F. Kennedy Stadium
Washington, D.C.
FM Broadcast (Partial)

Lineage: WHFS-FM Taped Broadcast > Analog Receiver > Monster Cables > Turtle Beach Sound Card > Hard Drive > Wave SEII Wave File Editor (Beginning & End Fades, Tracking) > CD > EAC > FLAC

This was broadcast by 99.1 WHFS-FM the day after the show. That day I had unusually excellent FM reception for a station with such a notoriously weak signal. There are some abrupt edits and crossfades between songs, but that was how it was broadcast. There is also some crowd noise added by the radio station between songs but quickly fades out as the song begins.

Total Time - 19:21

1. Intro
2. This Is A Call
3. Big Me
4. Down In The Park
5. Alone + Easy Target
6. I'll Stick Around

Full Setlist Of The Show:

1. Enough Space
2. This Is A Call
3. Winnebago
4. Wattershed
5. For All The Cows
6. Weenie Beenie
7. Big Me
8. Gas Chamber
9. Down In The Park
10. Good Grief
11. Alone + Easy Target
12. I'll Stick Around

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