Sunday, July 16, 2017

FLAC: Foo Fighters live in New York 1996 - 1CD - April 25 - soundboard

Foo Fighters
25 April, 1996
Virgin Megastore
New York City, NY

Taped by: ????????

1. Wattershed
2. This is a Call
3. For All the Cows
4. Gas Chamber
5. Big Me
6. Butterflies
7. I'll Stick Around
8. How I Miss You (duet with girl Dave brings up from the audience)
9. Alone + Easy Target

DBS -> DAT(2)

DAT(2)[44.1khz]->DA20mkII->LynxONE->Audition->Flac Frontend->CDWAVE->Trader's Little Helper

This show has a special place in my heart. It was the first Foo Fighters show on video that I ever had. I bought it in a
bootleg section of a video store back in late 1996. Before that I had only ever collected audio but after seeing the band
play on video I was hooked on finding every video I could and buying a 2nd VCR for dubbing. Most sources from this are from
a hacked satellite feed including this DAT here. The person who hacked the feed recorded this show to VHS and on DAT. However,
this show was also broadcast on MTV Brazil. If ANYONE has a copy of the MTV Brazil broadcast please contact me. You will know
you have the MTV Brazil broadcast if yours has no static and an MTV logo in the corner of the screen. As of now though I have
my VHS(2) of this staticy broadcast and the DAT that has a bit of static sound on it as well. I am synching this DAT with my
VHS(2) and I will put it up as soon as I'm done seeding these tapes I am currently sharing. I went back to the record store
I bought this from in 2000 and tried to get in touch with the taper and they told me his operation had been shut down and the
master tapes had been seized. If that is true then I would say anyone that got a VHS(2) from him is gonna be the best we are
gonna have of the hacked feed.

Download this bootleg here

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