Tuesday, July 11, 2017

FLAC: Foo Fighters live in New York 1995 - 1CD - April 27

Artist: Foo Fighters
Place: Tramps
Date: 1995-04-27


Generation - CD > WAV > FLAC
Source - "With Compliments To Eddie" unofficial CD
Details - 8.0 audience, 42 minutes



01. (Hovercraft Set)
02. Down In The Park
03. This Is A Call
04. Floaty
05. I'll Stick Around
06. Big Me
07. Wattershed
08. For All The Cows
09. Podunk
10. Alone And Easy Target
11. Exhausted



a) Also included the Hovercraft set that was on the disc with the Foo Fighters set.
  It's just one long, 26-minute 55-second track, and I don't know anything about the music that's on it, except apparently Eddie Vedder was playing drums on this tour.

Download this bootleg here

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