Tuesday, July 11, 2017

FLAC: Foo Fighters live at Summersault Festival 1995 - 1CD - December 31 - soundboard

Foo Fighters
December 31st 1995
Summersault Festival @ Macquarie University
North Ryde (Sydney), Australia


For All The Cows
Weenie Beenie
Big Me
Gas Chamber
I'll Stick Around
Good Grief
How I Miss You
Alone + Easy Target

Show notes: This is an incomplete set. Triple J missed four tracks from the start
of the gig (Enough Space; This Is A Call; Winnebago; Wattershed) and one from
the end (Exhausted). The audio can be found almost in it's entirity on the AUD
video bootleg from this show.

Taper's notes: This was recorded live from Triple J FM radio (Australia) back in 1995
onto VHS as it was the only tape long enough to accommodate the entire broadcast
without having to change tapes (I was at this gig and couldn't monitor the recording).
It seemed like a good option at the time, and the tape has held up over the years,
which I am very pleased about. It was transferred directly from this VHS master
to PC using (and edited with) Audacity.

Taped and edited by Tania Taylor

Download this bootleg here

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